Welcome to Winsong Farm.

When people step into our arena a smile comes to their faces. The east wall is covered with horse toys and equipment for games. The arena is resplendent with a teeter-totter, tall pedestal, low pedestals, a bridge, horse bean bag, big horse ball, rotating top pedestals, hula hoops, jump ropes and a gate. Everywhere you look there’s a possibility for fun. Horses who’ve never played like this before walk into the arena and transform from horses that are just trying to survive into inquisitive, happy animals.ZZ01

Several times each year the horses and handlers put their heads together and create a program to present to the general public. Once, and often twice annually, there’s a fundraiser. The groups we’ve raised money for include the Newmarket Humane Society, Ann and Pete’s Foster home for dogs, Longrun Thoroughbred Retirement Society, Toronto Cat Rescue, Art Society of King and Therapeutic Riding groups.

Two phrases aptly describe life at Winsong Farm:

“ If you can dream it, you can do it ” and “ Find the Magic within yourself ”

We find inspiration from many sources.

The second and MAJOR influence is Allen Pogue (www.imagineahorse.com) who travelled from Texas to conduct a clinic at Winsong Farm.

Rick and Sue Parker (www.canadianwrangler.com) introduced us to Clicker Training and helped us teach the horses things we never thought we’d be able to accomplish (including lying down and sitting on a bean bag).

Colleen Archer from Deep River, Ontario is continuously teaching her horses amazing things, sharing her experience and challenging us to try anything that comes to mind.

We learned about The Beautiful Jim Key (www.beautifuljimkey.com) , a horse that performed in front of hundreds of thousands of people between 1890 and 1909. His owner, Bill Key, taught Jim Key things few people had ever attempted to teach a horse, including how to spell and do math.