[easyrotator]erc_38_1431254735[/easyrotator]2015 Working Equitation Clinics At Winsong Farm located near Nobleton, Ontario in King Township with Kimberly Garvis, June 20/21 and August 15/16.

Auditing fee: $20 per day

Riding fee: $100 per day (sessions 60 minutes with two to three riders)

To register contact Winnie Stott.

NOTE: there is limited stabling on the farm. Horses shipping in and out each day preferred.

This is our fifth clinic with Kimberly Garvis. Day one includes an introduction to the sport, explanation of each phase and an introduction to the obstacles. Day two includes a mini-competition with a series of obstacles.

Kimberly writes: I have ridden almost all of my life and have my B rating from Pony Club.  I spent seven years teaching at the American School in Brazil. While I was there I rode Lusitano horses and learned Working Equitation. I had two different Working Equitation coaches that I trained with while I was in Brazil.  One of them was the World Champion. I competed in the sport for four years. I brought two Lusitano horses back with me when I returned to the US six years ago. One was the horse I competed on. Both have been sold.

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