Here are some GREAT photos taken today at the Caledon Horse Park in nearby Palgrave (site of many horse events for the 2015 Pan-Am Games) of the fiberglass horses. Liz Martin took the photographs while her mother, Carrie, and I met many of the artists.Ellen Cameron is shown painting her horse.

I’ve bought one and will know May 25th which one is mine. I’ve told Ellen and the contact person with the Hills of the Headwaters, Vicki Sword, that I would LOVE to have Ellen’s horse.

The horse will be brought to Winsong Farm early in June and be part of the Painted Horse Trail throughout Caledon and King Townships. This runs from June till the end of August. People will receive a map with the locations of all the horses on it. We need to display the horse where people can see it and take photos. One possible plan is that we’ll place the fibreglass horse in a paddock on the 15th Sideroad. We’ll also create a fence into the paddock containing the horse and keeping the real horses from playing with it!

Winsong Farm is on the Hills of the Headwaters Stable Tour from 1:00 till 4:00 twice during the Pan Am Games. Our dates are Saturday July 11 and Saturday July 25.

We’re wondering if it is possible for our horse to be on a platform with wheels so we can move it to different parts of the farm, or if a neighbor would like to borrow it for a function, the horse can take a day trip.

Vicki Sword said that the plan is for the horses to be placed on cement slabs at their permanent location, however she was able to wrap her brain around a “movable horse”.


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