The 10th Annual Schomberg Agricultural Society’s Farm Tour is Saturday March 8th from 10 AM to 3PM (no dogs please). Winsong Farm is on the tour, site number 7. We’ll have cookies and warm drinks available (if you’d like to donate cookies or warm drinks, let me know). A few years ago one of the Dairy Farms on the Tour had goodies and I really appreciated them! The tickets are $10, that’s one ticket for a carful of people to see all seven farms.


The tickets are available the day of the Tour in Schomberg at the Schomberg Community Hall, 325 Main Street, Schomberg or at Schomberg Rona, Schomberg True Garden Supplies, Schomberg Pharma Choice, Richvale Saddlery, Tottenham Feed Service, Nobleton Feed Mill, Alliance Agric Turf Bolton and Nobleton Feed Mill.

The sites on this tour are: I’ve included parts of the descriptions of some of the sites.
1. Dunkerron Elevators
2. Maple Lawn Farm: home to the Mills Family for over seven generations. Today the farm is certified organic and specializes in organic grains, as well as pasture-raised beef, chickens, turkeys and eggs. A key part of the farm is the dehulling of spelt (an ancient grain) that makes it ready to mill for flour. The tour will highlight the day-to-day life on our farm and focus on our commitment to organic practices as well as the benefit and challenges within modern agriculture.
3. Baker Ridge Farm: The farm has a sheep flock of approximately 150 ewes along with the many new-born lambs. The 85 head of beef cattle come in many different colours and breeds. There are also goats, llamas and horses, from the big black Percherons to the small miniature horses.
4. Holland Marsh Wineries
5. Bajar Greenhouses
6. Rexlea Jerseys Inc.:  Rexlee Jerseys is a family operated Jersey cattle dairy farm. They mild between 40 and 50 cows and have 120 animals altogether. The Sheardown family has been involved with Jersey cattle since 1912.
7. Winsong Farm: Bill and Winnie Stott purchased Winsong Farm in 2000. As Bill says, “We’re going to look back on this as the time of our lives” in 2004 two Lusitano weanlings joined the Stotts. These young horses started Bill and Winnie on an interesting journey. Since the horses, Zelador and Zeloso, were too young to be ridden (traditionally Lusitanos are first ridden around the age of three) the Stotts started teaching them games and tricks at liberty. (Liberty means: the horse is free and not attached to the human by means of a halter and leadline.) Since the Lusitanos were four years old they’ve been performing at Fundraisers along with the other horses at Winsong Farm. The acts in the Funraisers (which have raised over $10,000 for a variety of organizations) include: horses sitting on bean bags, square dancing on horseback, retrieving over a jump, catching a towel, pushing a big ball, playing baseball (hitting the ball and running the bases), participating in the Winsong Farm Orchestra, blowing bubbles, rolling out the carpet. The list goes on and on and is added to all the time.

The horses and humans at Winsong Farm will be presenting many of their games in the arena throughout the Tour. You’ll meet 24 year-old Kye, an Appaloosa. There’s Blue Executive an eighteen-year-old Thoroughbred (our best bubble blower!). Pax, a Canadian, who has many talents. I-8 (Kate) a Border Collie who loves doing dozens of tricks. And, with a little luck, a miniature horse will join us, too.

It gives us great pleasure to open the arena for you to see what we enjoy every day: the intelligence, curiosity and delightful sense of humour of the horse.


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