Chestnut Thoroughbred
Born 1996

BLUE EXECUTIVE owned by Sophie Kalpin, her father Allen Kalpin and her mother Lydia Bailey

Blue is a 16 hand high Thoroughbred gelding who raced till he was three years old, then went into jumping. Sophie competes with him in Eventing which is a competitive sport involving dressage, cross-country jumping and stadium jumping. Blue absolutely LOVES to jump. He probably just puts up with the dressage phase to get to the exciting jumping bit! He can be very excitable at times and loves to please a crowd.

Before his retirement Blue competed at the Prelim level, qualifying Sophie and himself for the FEI North American Junior and Young Riders Championships CCI* in Kentucky. The duo helped the team gain a 4th place win.

Blue has participated in the Winsong Farm Fundraisers. He excels at “rolling out the carpet” and added a few flourishes when he took part in Square Dancing on Horseback.

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