Thoroughbred Gelding
Owner: Cassandra Levy
Born 2006

Cassie writes:
Caesar is a recently rehomed Off the Track Thoroughbred gelding. Caesar is a typical OTT TB in that he has some repetitive, OCD type, anxiety-based behaviours that can cause him great stress and that also cause him to be less than flexible when learning new behaviours and being exposed to new environments. Because of this, it is very important that Caesar’s daily routine is fairly predictable and that he can count on things not changing too much at any given time. When Caesar first came to Winsong he was very anxious and even defensive at times. After being here for a little over a month, even his farrier noted that he seems like a different horse. Caesar is happy, biddable and dare I say it? He is calm!! Yay for stability, serenity and consistency. Because of his “high maintenance” attitude and his handsome, good looks, Caesar has been dubbed the “Prima Donna” of the upper barn! In his spare time, Caesar enjoys eating, looking handsome and trying to figure out what sort of trouble he can get away with at any given time. Oh and did I mention he likes eating and looking handsome?

As for me…. hmm…. my love of horses has been rekindled as an adult from a childhood passion. Professionally, I am a teacher who specializes in working with Children with Autism. I enjoy creating a work environment that maximizes the learning of the students and allows them to reach their full potential. Recreationally, I work with dogs and employ positive, motivational methods to teach them all sorts of useful and entertaining behaviours. I strive to acheive a strong, happy working relationship with my dogs. I have been very successful with my dogs in agility, obedience and conformation and I have trained and titled different breeds. Currently, I have 2 Rottweilers, a Border Collie and an adorable mixed breed.

I am just beginning my journey towards a harmonious relationship with Caesar.

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