Here are photos of Rubi, a Canadian, who just got a new owner, Marie-Lynn Hammond! Winsong Farm is celebrating this addition to Marie’s family (which has more than one cat in it). With the 25th so close to Halloween we’ll put on a performance with an attempt to get into the spirit of the season. There just might be a costumed horse, rider, handler here and there. Doubt that you’ll see Lady Godiva, but there is an outside chance that the headless horseman will visit!











Contact Winnie to make reservations ($10 per person minimum donation), [email protected]  or 905-859-6282.

Two of our people were in Africa September 20-October 13. Here’s hoping we can adjourn to the house after the “show” and enjoy a presentation given by our adventurers, Bill Stott and Ron Marino.

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