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Winsong Farm is on the Hills of Headwaters Stable Tour Saturday July 11 from 1:00 till 4:00 and Saturday July 25 from 1:00 till 4:00. During the three hours we’ll bring horse after horse to the arena to demonstrate liberty and games. The horses include:

-Pax, Canadian, 11 years old. His talents include opening the mail box and delivering the mail. Sitting on a bean bag. Playing with the big ball and rearing on command.

-Spring Song, 4 year old filly, Holsteiner/Thoroughbred. She loves pushing the big ball, putting her hoof in the middle of a tub, standing on the pedestals, playing with the mail box, bowling and blowing bubbles.

-Blue, 19 year old Thoroughbred is our best bubble blower!

-Kye, 25 year old Appaloosa/Quarter Horse pushes the big ball, fetches toys, rolls out the carpet, blows bubbles, paints pictures.

-Zelador and Zeloso 11 years old, Lusitanos, do all of the above and a few dozen more games. Zelador excels at retrieving over a jump, standing on the rotating top pedestal, baseball, going through a hoop, finding specific objects and hearing people laugh. Zeloso is flamboyant and athletic. He hits a ball with a badminton racket, catches a towel, fetches toys, bows on one knee and has tons of fun all the time.

No dogs. Restroom available.

Location: Near Nobleton, Ontario at the northeast corner of the 8th Concession and the 15th Sideroad. The 8th Concession is 2km east of Highway 27. The 15th Sideroad is 2km north of King Road. Parking on the north side of the 15th.

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