Silhouette arrived June 8 at Winsong Farm early one morning, just before a huge rainstorm. One friend saw the photo of Silhouette on the flatbed truck and said, “I thought it was a photo of a horse with a blanket on and figured this horse has nerves of steel to travel on a huge vehicle, out in the open!!!!”

We’ve had a few visitors. Apparently the address given is our house driveway, not the farm driveway where the horse is located. Recently two HUGE motorcycles went up our driveway. We were babysitting three vizslas (happy, joyful, exuberant dogs). You add them to our three and you have six vizslas SCREAMING at the intruders. The dogs gather at the bay window in the dining room and bark their heads off. (Great FUN!!!) I find it absolutely amazing that they haven’t exploded through the window.

The bikers slowly, quietly and politely returned to the 15th Sideroad and continued west which brought them to “Silhouette”. Bill and I were bringing in the horses and went to talk with the two bikers. Turns out they were on an outing with their biker club. The goal was to photograph as many of the horses on the Painted Horse Trail as possible. The location for “Silhouette” was listed as 5220 (our house driveway).

I asked the bikers if they’d been to the Painted Horse at the library in Nobleton. They had. Then I asked, “Did you notice that amongst those black and white stripes there are other horses painted on the horse?” They were amazed. The good news is they had photos to refer to. Hopefully they’ll be able to pick out the additional horses on the horse.

I forgot to mention that the Painted Horse at the Professional Ferrier Supply east of Orangeville glows in the dark. We plan on making a trip there one evening to see it after the sun goes down.


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