Here are some background details on our fibreglass horse, Silhouette. During May an installation crew came to the farm to help choose the site for the horse. A cement slab would be placed on the ground using a crane, then the horse would be attached to it via each hoof. Overhead wires were a huge concern.

Bill and I had decided on a few possible sites which I presented to the crew. One was in the paddock, just northeast of our farm sign along the 15th Sideroad. I showed this to the people and explained that we’d create a fence around the horse so that the live horses in the paddock couldn’t come up and chew on it. While the crew was inspecting this site I told them a funny story I’d just heard. A friend has had a life-sized plastic horse for many years. They use it for stand-ins during rehearsals for commercials, movies, tv, etc. They paint it whatever colour is needed at the time. For one shoot they placed the plastic horse in their two-horse trailer, then loaded their real horse. When they got to the movie set they learned that the real horse had fallen in love with the plastic one. When they unloaded the live horse he started calling to his new friend. The further they took him from the plastic horse the more noise he made. The live horse was having a challenging time focusing on his movie job. My friend unloaded the plastic horse and placed it where the live horse could see it. Things quieted down.

After the shoot they returned home. The journey had cemented the friendship. When they unloaded the live horse the calling started. They took him to his paddock. He still called and called. They brought the plastic horse out of the trailer and placed him where the live horse could see him. The calling continued. They decided to lie the plastic horse on the ground. This did not help. Finally they covered the plastic horse with a tarp. The live horse said, “Perfect. I’m OK now.” And the calling stopped.

The fibreglass horse site location crew laughed at the story, then they made the decision on where Silhouette would be placed. They walked from the proposed site in the paddock, to the west, out of the paddock, across the farm driveway, through the 12’ tall cedar hedge and settled on the front lawn of the staff house. Silhouette would be at the fenceline, looking south onto the 15th Sideroad, totally out of sight of any live Winsong Farm horses!

I had to agree. This was an excellent choice. If Silhouette had been placed in the paddock there was a very real possibility that one or more of the horses there would become attached to the fibreglass horse. I had visions of me walking to Silhouette EVERY day to fetch the live horse…through rain, through sleet, through snow and, yes, through 40 degree humidex days.

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