About a month ago there was a notice in our local paper for artists to submit an application to paint a life-size fibreglass horse for this summer’s Pan-Am Games being held in the Greater Toronto Area. Someone contacted me and suggested the Winsong Farm horses should apply. I did! We learned ten days ago that we are not among the final selection of artists…sniff!!

Our friend and great photographer and artist, Ellen Cameron, was chosen. She suggested that perhaps the Fibreglass horse committee would allow one of our horses to paint a swoosh on her horse’s tail.

I contacted the committee and learned yesterday that the logistics this time won’t accommodate one of our horses painting, but we’d be kept in mind if more fibreglass horses came on the scene.

Well, BUMMER. Think of the photo opportunity! A horse painting a horse. I got to thinking and have come up with Winsong Farm’s answer to painting a horse. The south side of our lower barn is black paint on cement-type siding. I figure we can use that big, thick sidewalk chalk to draw a life-size horse. (This is the Royal “We” because I can’t draw! I do know a few artists and hope to have a photo of our chalk horse soon.) Once the chalk horse is in place we can bring one horse after another to paint it.

We’ll photograph each equine artist at work. I think the chalk horse will be kindly received by the horses.

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