Born 2004
Black Canadian

Owned by Ron Marino
When I first purchased Pax he had little to no training and lived outside 24/7 for most of his life. With Winnie’s help I have been teaching Pax liberty work in addition to riding him several times each week.

Pax is very curious and learns things quickly. He loves going up on the pedestals and also enjoys pushing the big ball, finding his favourite toy in the toy box, chasing and (sometimes) retrieving the ridged ball and he is learning how to bow.

We are introducing him to the harness and driving bridle. We hope to get Pax acquainted with a carriage and see how he likes driving. We also hope to one day teach Pax some of the classical dressage movements under saddle. Our plans for Pax do not involve competition: we just want to have some fun. We want him to learn everything he can—or more accurately, everything we can dream up.

The Canadian breed is thought to be descended from horses originally sent to the “New World” in the late 1600s by King Louis XIV of France.

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