Miniature horse
Born 2008

Romeo was found early one Sunday morning on King Road wandering free in the parking lot of the King Brewery. This was before 7:00 A.M. and the timing is probably why he wasn’t hit by a car. The traffic was very light, however vehicles were having a difficult time avoiding this miniature horse. Romeo tried to intimidate the cars by making himself taller. He got up on his hind legs and stayed there as long as he could. He’d briefly put those front hooves down on the road, then he was up again.

The present owner is where he ended up (in the barn she’s at) and after 90 days of heavy campaigning to find his former home Romeo was legally hers. She contacted me at that point and asked if I’d like to use him in our fundraiser. My answer, “YES!!”

I went to his barn and played games with him and the owner brought Romeo to our farm about five times to get accustomed to the arena and the toys. After the fundraiser Romeo was gelded. Very quickly he lost his studlike behaviours. His attention span improved drastically. He was always able to acknowledge me and try to do things, but after gelding he could focus and learn at a much faster rate. The vet estimated that Romeo was four years old.

Lauren Bode visited this miniature Palomino and reported that one day someone left his gate open and he walked away from his home. He travelled through water and into the forest. He found apples to eat. Although he’s small he wasn’t injured. Romeo boasted that he has teeth and he has hooves. There were other animals in the forest with him: dogs, cats and deer.

Five days before Romeo was found on King Road he appeared out of the forest north of a farm. The owner and his dogs were relaxing on the porch. It was 11:00 at night. When the dogs saw Romeo they went berserk. Their owner had his hands full keeping them from chasing this small horse. It was obvious that Romeo wanted to come into the house, but all the commotion on the porch changed his mind. He headed down the driveway.

Without a doubt, this little horse has landed on his feet. He loves his new home and all the tricks and games he’s learning.

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