Born 2004
PMU gelding

Socs arrived from the West Coast on a crowded trailer and was dropped in the field where my little paint horse, Picasso, lived. Socs would not go anywhere near people. A short rope hung from his halter and remained there for months.

I traded him for a sculpture I’d created and brought him to Winsong Farm. Much to my surprise, I learned that Socs is willing and very able, but extremely sensitive to pressure. In some ways he seemed untrainable. I decided not to rush riding and have spent the last few years with him on the ground.

This young Clydesdale/Quarter Horse PMU foal is a fast and eager learner. All of us are impressed.

Trust is as thin as a thread for Socs. Relationship is paramount for both of us. Often when you tie his lead line to a post he wants to escape, but when you release the lead line he chooses to stay very close.

I need to remember to tap into the part of Socrates that alerts him to my vulnerability. He’s BIG and I’m small. He needs boundaries, tons of reassurance, clear leadership and lots of carrots.

Here at Winsong Farm we are in an environment where we’re encouraged to try new things. Every day horses play liberty games and learn tricks.

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