Winsong Farm 2015 Spring Fund Raiser

Please join us in supporting Silver Willow Farm Rescue Center

Silver Willow Farm Rescue Center saved Barnie, a big beautiful draft horse.

This 2000 pound horse was found in a Mennonite’s field unable to stand or defend himself against a dog eating his flesh alive. The owners had said he had been down for days and were “waiting for him to die so the dead stock truck could pick him up”. He was surrendered into the custody of Laura McArthur of Silver Willow Farm in Mulmur Ontario and the rest is history. This old workhorse that pulled a plough all his life now has a bright happy future. Freed from slavery

Two dates to choose from. Come to one or come to both.

Sunday April 19, 2015 – 2:00pm – Sunday April 26, 2015 – 2:00pm

If you can’t come to the event and would like to make a donation you can send it to: Winnie Stott, 5220 15th Sideroad, King City, Ontario, L7B 1K4. You can make out a cheque or money order to: Silver Willow Farm.

 You will see miniature horses, a pony, an Olympic Medalist, a Thoroughbred, The Horse of Kings, Canada’s National horse, the Canadian….AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!

 What do they have in common? They all enjoy pedestals, the teeter-totter, hula hoops, toys, performing at liberty and hearing people laugh.

 Visit the Winsong Farm website to see some of the horses that will be performing.

 Seating Is Limited So Get Your Tickets Early  – Tickets Only $10.00

 PRE REGISTRATION ONLY: Email: [email protected]

View full PDF document here.

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