Our spring Fundraiser is two months away. We’re creating a Square Dance on Horseback. There will be eight horses and riders. Last Thursday we had six (our largest attendance) and on Sunday with a temperature of minus twenty we decided riding was not a priority and we adjourned to the house for hot chocolate and a discussion of the steps in the square dance.

This Sunday promises to be “warm” (around zero) and with any luck all eight horses and riders will practice

When we had the six in the arena Bill rode Kye who is partnered with Fila ridden by Lynn. At one point Mr. Opinionated (Kye) decided he didn’t want to walk down the centreline. He bucked, side-stepped and POOPED. Bill remained calm and within seconds was back in line. Order restored…until Caesar spotted the poop in his line of travel. He skittered around it. (There went that straight line of horses…).

Turns out Pax also refuses to step in poop.

A few minutes later the choreography brought us back to the poop. Zeloso feels his mission in life is to poop on top of poop. He stopped and did his thing. I was riding Zeloso and was a bit astonished that he stopped. Horses are perfectly capable of pooping and moving. Turns out Bill who’s Zeloso’s owner allows the horse to stop. Why? Because it’s easier to pick up the poop when it’s in a pile as opposed to scattered.

I informed Bill that he has two months to reschool Zeloso’s toilet habits.

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