Monday evening, May 25, The Headwaters Equine Leadership Group gathered the artists and the purchasers to match them up. Twenty-one statues had been painted. Three were specifically created and donated weeks ago leaving 18 horses up for grabs. The big question: who would get which horse! The selection system: draw the name of a purchaser out of a hat. The first name selected a horse from 18, the second name had 17 to pick from, etc. When the dust settled…the big news is: Winsong Farm is now the happy and proud owner of Silhouette. This is an extremely apt pairing for many reasons. Ellen has been our MC for numerous Winsong Farm events including our two biggest, the 2014 and 2015 Schomberg Farm Tour in March. Ellen worked from 10:00 till 3:00 introducing our horses, the acts and our positive approach to training. Over 450 people attended each year. Ellen was also an integral part of the Winsong Farm “Art by Equines” booth at the 2015 Can-Am Horse Expo where several thousand people learned that horses can paint.

Bill and I enjoyed several trips to Palgrave to watch the evolution of these plain white horses into lovely works of art. The statues were located in the new arena at the site for the Pan-Am Games. The energy in the building was amazing. Such creativity.

Silhouette will arrive at the farm during the first week in June. The fibreglass horse will be part of the Painted Horse Trail from then till the end of August. The Headwaters Equine Leadership Group will create a map showing the location of all the horses. We’re looking forward to travelling the trail and photographing the horses in their new homes.

Winnie and Bill


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