The Schomberg Farm Tour is Saturday March 14 from 10:00 to 3:00. Winsong Farm was on it for the first time last year and we’ve been invited to participate this year. We’re thrilled! Here’s the information about Winsong Farm on the Farm Tour Ticket.

Winsong Farm: Bill and Winnie Stott purchased Winsong Farm in 2000. As Bill says, “We’re going to look back on this as the time of our lives”. In 2004 two Lusitano weanlings joined the Stotts. These youngsters started Bill and Winnie on an interesting journey. Since the horses, Zelador and Zeloso, were too young to be ridden (traditionally Lusitanos are first ridden around the age of three) the Stotts started teaching them games and tricks at liberty. (Liberty means: the horse is free and not attached to the human by means of a halter and leadline.) Since 2008 the Lusitanos have been performing at Fundraisers along with the other horses at Winsong Farm. The acts in the Fundraisers (which have raised over $13,000 for a variety of organizations) include horses sitting on bean bags, fetching and delivering the mail, retrieving over a jump, catching a towel, pushing a big ball, playing baseball (hitting the ball and running the bases), participating in the Winsong Farm Orchestra, blowing bubbles and rolling out the carpet. The list goes on and on and is added to all the time.

The horses and humans at Winsong Farm will be presenting many of their games in the arena throughout the Tour. You’ll meet 25 year-old Kye, an Appaloosa. There’s Blue Executive a nineteen-year-old Thoroughbred (our best bubble blower!). Pax, a Canadian, who has many talents. K-8 (Kate) a Border Collie who loves doing dozens of tricks. And, with a little luck, some miniature horses will join us, too.

One question asked recently is: can horses read? On March 1 Zelador had his first reading lesson. He’ll be in the arena at noon and we’ll find out how these lessons are progressing.

On your way to the arena you’ll pass the lower barn. Step in and enjoy the art studio. You’ll see dozens of paintings created by the horses. (Yes, the horses painted them.)

It gives us great pleasure to open the arena for you to see what we enjoy every day: the intelligence, curiosity and delightful sense of humour of the horse.

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