Born March 16, 2004.

Zelador and Zeloso are grey Lusitano geldings. The boys have the same sire, Orgulhoso. Zelador’s dam, Banana, is the mother of Zeloso’s dam, Misty.

He is a Type-A personality and has been described as a genius. He listens carefully and tries really hard to figure things out on the ground, but under saddle he’s been strong-willed and opinionated since day one.

Zelador is bold. He absolutely has to be the first horse when we’re trail riding. He goes through the water first. He’s the first one to go through the gate that he’s waited for me to open from his back. He is in charge of the world, yet listens to me and looks to me to see what I want.

Zelador has opened up the world of liberty and trick training for me. I never would have believed that I could teach a horse to do the dozens of things he happily does. He’s amazing and keeps me on my toes. He’s not lovey-dovey and sweet unless he wants to be. Rather, he challenges me to be smarter, quicker, quieter, more thoughtful and more precise in my training and riding.

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