Born 2004
Grey Lusitano

He is light-footed, quick, happy, joyous and a clown! He loves to play. He’s incredibly smart but doesn’t always use his intelligence for GOOD.

Zeloso is the “fancy one”. He has been since birth. He’s elegant and his Spanish Walk is tremendous. If I let him, he’d be on his hind feet all the time. He loves rearing and being really TALL. Bill and I have worked very hard at NOT accidentally encouraging him spending time on those hind legs. In the future, when he’s more mature mentally, we will probably develop this game.

Despite all the clowning around Zeloso is a calm horse that is a joy to ride. He’s never been agitated under saddle. You can get on his back after weeks of not riding and he’s totally with you. It’s focusing during liberty and games that is challenging for him.

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